Power policies :: Good governance

In control systems, a governor is a device that is used to measure and regulate the speed of a machine in order to maintain stability within the system while it achieves its objectives. My first field experience with a governor system was at a hydroelectric power plant, where it was used to regulate the speed … Continue reading Power policies :: Good governance


Two issues that trend on my mind, especially lately, are ELECTRICITY & ELECTIONS in Nigeria. In short, Elect-Elect #NoPunIntended. This takes me back to my undergraduate days, in the faculty of engineering at the University of Lagos. Elect-elect was the common short form for Electrical and Electronics engineering. It was arguably the most powerful department … Continue reading ELECT-ELECT = POWER + POLITICS

Understanding and meeting energy needs

I remember 2 years ago during my postgraduate program, my Economics lecturer often analyzed how public officers determined payable tax rates from income and expense behaviours of people. We usually discussed income brackets and the basic necessities (goods & services) that most people would generally spend on and/or consume. There are a variety of perspectives … Continue reading Understanding and meeting energy needs

FAQs and FACTS about Renewable Energy Potential in Nigeria

What is renewable energy? Renewable Energy as the name implies, is energy that is naturally renewed in relatively quick succession. There are a number of renewable forms of energy that are being exploited today. Some of the most common ones include Hydropower, Wind and Solar. These resources are regarded as renewable forms of energy because they are easily replenished to the … Continue reading FAQs and FACTS about Renewable Energy Potential in Nigeria